BTHR BeneTemps specializes in providing contract placement services in Employee Benefits and Human Resources. We place highly qualified, experienced professionals who can be productive right away for long-term assignments or short-term contracts. Our unique focus and approach, along with our national candidate pool and client base, guarantee the best results in all our contract placements.

Subject-Matter Expertise

Our recruiters have extensive experience working in HR and Benefits Departments, so we really understand the needs of each assignment. The combination of knowledgeable recruiters and outstanding candidates lets us look beyond the basic requirements and find the candidate who has the exact skills and experience needed for your position.

Experts for Hire

Our contractors are truly experts in their fields with extensive experience at all levels of HR and Benefits administration. When you hire a BTHR BeneTemps contractor, no training is required and they will step right into a job and hit the ground running, making an immediate contribution to your success.

Unique Value

Hiring a contractor rather than a permanent employee allows you to supplement your staff without adding to permanent payroll or benefits expenses. Contractors can fill in for an employee on leave, supplement a project team, or add more hands during a crunch period. When your needs end, the contractor’s assignment ends too – no long term commitment, benefits costs, or payroll worries.

Nationwide Network

BTHR BeneTemps works with candidates and employers across the US. Our experience allows us to identify and place contract professionals anywhere in the country. Our contractors can also work off-site to perform assignments when a remote work arrangement is effective.

Candidate Screening

BTHR BeneTemps eliminates the hassle and expense of screening the mountain of responses you get from internet job postings. It’s our job to know where the best candidates are and we’re efficient and effective at finding them. We’ll send only the best candidates for consideration so you don’t waste time interviewing unqualified applicants.

Timely Solutions

Every business can use extra help at some point. We can quickly fill positions for seasonal needs like open enrollment or provide a contractor when you unexpectedly lose an employee and need someone to take over while you are looking for a permanent replacement. When things settle down, our contractor’s work is done and so is your expense.


Not ready to make a permanent commitment? Is an employee out for an extended or unknown period of time? Are you experiencing a spike in workload that may level off?

Try before you buy. Use one of our contractors to pick up the work right away, and if the need for additional staff continues, you may choose to eliminate the search process by hiring the contractor to fill your permanent position. Our conversion rates are competitive and decrease as the contractor spends more time with your company.

Competitive Fees

At BTHR Solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring value. Our fees are always competitive, and when combined with our expertise and focus, we know you’ll agree that our services are fairly priced and extremely valuable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

BTHR Solutions is so confident we’ll find the perfect professional for your assignment, we guarantee it. In the very unlikely event that our contractor isn’t a successful match in a given assignment, we’ll find a replacement and adjust our fees to make it right.

BTHR Solutions is exclusively dedicated to serving the HR community nationwide. We provide contract staffing, permanent recruiting and comprehensive HR consulting services. Click below to see how we use our HR expertise to make life easier for employers and job-seekers alike.

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BTHR BeneTemps specializes in providing experienced contract professionals at all levels to the Employee Benefits and Human Resources community.

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