Long Term Disability Coverage

BTHR BeneTemps provides Long-Term Disability Insurance (“LTD”) to all eligible employees through Standard Insurance Company. LTD provides 60% salary replacement for an illness or injury after a 90-day waiting period. All eligible employees will be covered — no enrollment form or medical underwriting process is required.  BTHR BeneTemps covers 100% of the cost of the Long-Term Disability coverage.


Full-time employees will be eligible to enroll on the first day following their 90-day employment anniversary (this is the “Initial Eligibility Period”).  Full-time employees are those who maintain a minimum of 390 hours during any consecutive 90-day period AND paid directly by BTHR BeneTemps (not People 2.0). Employees will be notified by BTHR BeneTemps upon reaching eligibility for the Plan.

Summary of Benefits

LTD will replace 60% of your “gross monthly earnings”, less any income you may receive from other sources (such as Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, etc.). The maximum monthly benefit is $5000.

“Gross Monthly Earnings” is defined as an employee’s average monthly earnings over a 3 month period (13 weeks). Overtime and Service Award Pay are excluded from the earnings calculation.

John Smith earned an average gross pay of $1,200 per week over a 3 month period
$1,200 x 13 weeks = $15,600
$15,600 / 3 months = $5,200 month
60% of $5,200 = $3,120 LTD benefit per month

BTHR BeneTemps will adjust eligible employee’s gross monthly earnings periodically during the year based on actual earnings in a 3-month period.

For additional details regarding the provisions of the LTD plan, please read the Standard Long-Term Disability Certificate located under Benefit Forms & Documents.

Taxability of Benefits

Because BTHR BeneTemps pays the full cost for the LTD coverage, any benefit received will be subject to applicable federal, state and local income tax.

Termination of Coverage

Coverage will end on the day after employee’s assignment ends, regardless of the reason. For example, if an assignment ends on September 15 coverage will end on September 16. The LTD plan is not portable and may not be converted to an individual policy.

Rehire Eligibility

Employees who return to a full-time assignment (over 30 hrs/week) for BTHR BeneTemps within 6 months of their last completed assignment may rejoin the LTD Plan immediately upon their return to work.

Employees who have a break in service from BTHR BeneTemps longer than 6 months or do not return as a full-time employee must satisfy a new 90-day eligibility waiting period and work 390 hours to be eligible for re-enrollment.

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