Reporting Your Time

BTHR BeneTemps uses the SpringAhead online time entry system. All contractors will enter daily hours worked and supervisors approve time using the online system. **(see note below)

Your TimeCard Login and Password

  • During the first week of your assignment, you will receive an email from which contains the link you will need to set up your SpringAhead password (be sure to check your spam folder for the email!)
  • Your login name is your “FirstLast” name (no spaces, not case sensitive) eg. johnsmith
  • Once you have established your password, you may login at to enter your time. Our company name for login is:  “BTHR BeneTemps”
  • You can change your password anytime by clicking on the “settings” button in the upper right of the screen, and following directions. If you forget your password, you can click on the “Forgot your password?” link and your password will be emailed to you

Daily Time Entry

  • We use the “Daily Time Entry” method that requires you to enter time-in and time-out, and then click “Save” for each workday
  • Time should be entered to the nearest quarter hour (e.g. 9:00, 9:15, etc)
  • For break times use format .25 for 15 min; .50 for 30 min, etc.
  • Total time for each day and week are calculated automatically
  • All time is entered as “regular” hours
  • Overtime hours (in excess of 40 hrs per week) are calculated automatically by the system
  • Our payroll week is Monday through Sunday
  • If you are going to be out for a week or longer and will not have hours to report, please let your recruiter know

Weekly Submission

  • You must click the “Submit All” button at the bottom of your time card screen in order to “submit” your timecard at the end of your work week
  • Submission deadline is 2pm on the Monday following the end of the work week (work week ends on Sunday)
  • Your supervisor will receive an email notification to approve your time. Supervisors receive their own login information **(see note below)

Editing Timecard

  • You can edit your timecard anytime before it is approved by going to the day in question and clicking on far right flower button. It gives menu options (edit, duplicate, delete, submit or unsubmit)
  • If your timecard has already been approved, contact Beth Kilcup at for any change requests


  • Our paydate is every Thursday

** Important Note:  If you are working with a client who uses their own time-entry system, you must enter your hours into both systems and your supervisor will approve time in both systems, unless BTHR has access to their system. In this case, BTHR will manage the approval process in the SpringAhead system after comparing SpringAhead to the client’s system.

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